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Alphabetical list of our services. If there is something you can't find either use our search box or contact us. We're here to help you.

UFS allergy advice

Allergy Advice

Hayfever can ruin a beautiful Spring day very quickly, leaving…

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UFS Asthma - Respiratory Management

Asthma/Respiratory Management

Asthma is one of the most common chronic conditions and…

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UFS blood glucose screening

Blood Glucose Screening

This is also known as a blood sugar test. Diabetes…

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UFS blood pressure screening

Blood Pressure Screening

Heart disease is still the number one cause of death…

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UFS Cold and Flu Management

Cold and Flu Management

The average person suffers through around three colds per year…

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UFS Complementary Medicines Advice

Complementary Medicines Advice

Mother  Nature has provided us with some excellent natural medicines…

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UFS Compression Hosiery

Compression Hosiery

UFS Chemist stocks an extensive range of Venosan and Jobst…

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UFS Mount Gambier escript


Do you lose your prescriptions? With eScripts the prescriptions are…

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EvenUp Moonboot shoe Lift

Evenup Moon Boot Shoe Lift / Injury Management

An EvenUp Moonboot Shoe lift is a type of sandal/sports…

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UFS Home Delivery

Home Delivery

On occasion it can be difficult or inconvenient  to access…

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UFS Home Health-Independent Living

Home Health / Independent Living

The ageing process sometimes leaves us unable to perform tasks…

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UFS influenza vaccination

Influenza Vaccination

Influenza (or “flu” as it is commonly called) is a…

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UFS Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates

UFS Chemist offers  a medical certificate issue service for personal …

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UFS Medication Packing Service

Medication Packing Service

Multiple medications can be very confusing to successfully manage; it…

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UFS medication review

Medication review

Do you have questions about your medicines? Are you having…

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UFS National Diabetes Service Scheme NDSS


UFS Chemist is an agent for the National Diabetes Service…

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UFS Pain Management

Pain Management

Pain management can be a difficult process sometimes requiring several…

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UFS Ask a Pharmacist

Pharmacist Advice

At UFS Chemist we have up to four experienced pharmacists…

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UFS prescription file

Prescription File

A prescription is a valuable and confidential document and should…

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Prescription Reminder Service

At UFS Chemist we operate the Medadvisor system which allows…

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UFS Return Expired Medication

Return Of Expired Medication

Expired or unused medication is useless at best and dangerous…

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UFS quit smoking

Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use is well known to inevitably cause serious medical…

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UFS sport injury management

Sports Injury Management

Exercise is so important for optimal health but sometimes we…

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UFS Weight Management

Weight Management

Obesity is a chronic health condition affecting many Australians and…

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UFS Wound Care Service

Wound Care Service

Cuts, grazes and abrasions can be treated relatively easily in…

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