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UFS - Barbara Beal

Barbara Beal

Barbara joined UFS in 2008. Bachelor of Pharmacy, MPS, AACPa; Barbara has over 24 years experience in pharmacy. She is the pharmacist manager and is also Home Medication Review and immunisation accredited.

Prue Linnell - UFS staff

Prue Linnell

Prue started with UFS in 2014, having seven years experience in pharmacy. Bachelor of Pharmacy, MPS. Her main duties include dispensary and management of dose administration services and she is immunisation accredited.

Dale Salmon UFS Pharmacist

Dale Salmon

Dale started with UFS Chemist in 2016, with over 24 years experience in pharmacy. Bachelor of Pharmacy, MPS. His main duties include dispensary and professional services, immunisation accredited.

Debbie Vaughan Retail Manager at UFS Mount Gambier

Debbie Vaughan

Debbie started with UFS Chemist early in 2017.She has 26 years experience in Retail Management and Customer Service in South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland and has returned to the South East to be closer to family.  She is employed as our Retail Manager.

Sally Lord - UFS staff

Sally Lord

Sally has been employed with UFS Chemist since 2016. She’s a registered nurse consultant with over 38 years experience, specialising in compression technologies, wound care and professional services.

Deb Whan - UFS staff

Debra Whan

Debra started with UFS Chemist in 1985, now having over 32 years experience in pharmacy, as a dispensary technician and stock controller.

Angela Whittaker UFS Mount Gambier Dispensary technician

Angela Whittaker

Angela joined UFS in 2017. She has 11 years pharmacy experience, dispensary technician and dose administration aid management.

Kirrily Mullan UFS Mount Gambier

Kirrily Mullan

Kirrily started with UFS Chemist in 2014. With over 15 years experience in pharmacy, she specialises in sleep apnoea technologies and supportive therapies, as a dispensary technician.

Donna Hastings Pharmacy Assistance UFS Mount Gambier

Donna Hastings

Donna joined UFS in 2010 and has eight years experience in pharmacy. She is a pharmacy assistant and coordinator of delivery services to community and nursing homes.

Anne Eitzen UFS Mount Gambier

Anne Eitzen

Anne started with UFS Mount Gambier in October 2014, and her main duties include office administration and accounting.

Kristopher Barnes

Kris started in Jan 2019 as a full time trainee and graduate school leaver. He enjoys the fields of Science, Maths, Chemistry and Physics. He will be attending Uni SA in the start of 2020 studying Pharmacy in the hopes of becoming a fully qualified pharmacist in the years to come.