UFS quit smoking

Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use is well known to inevitably cause serious medical complications and is becoming more and more socially unacceptable, with many trying to quit smoking. At UFS Chemist we understand that the difference between success and failure in giving up smoking is the involvement of a health professional. We also understand that many ex-smokers attempted…

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UFS prescription file

Prescription File

A prescription is a valuable and confidential document and should be stored in a secure and easily accessible place. Clients of UFS Chemist may wish to consider depositing prescriptions in our prescription file to minimise the chances of misplacing them. Orders can be phoned through in advance and are ready for collection on your arrival…

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UFS Home Delivery

Home Delivery

On occasion it can be difficult or inconvenient  to access the pharmacy premises and UFS Chemist offers a free and convenient same day delivery service. Please call to organise a delivery time. Some restrictions do apply.

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UFS Home Health-Independent Living

Home Health / Independent Living

The ageing process sometimes leaves us unable to perform tasks as easily as we once could have but there are solutions available to help maintain independence. At UFS Chemist we stock a range of devices to assist with everyday living and reduce the likelihood of mishaps in the home environment. Visit us in-store to check…

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UFS Ask a Pharmacist

Pharmacist Advice

At UFS Chemist we have up to four experienced pharmacists to answer all your questions regarding medicines and minor  medical conditions. Feel  free to contact us via phone or even better in person. We are never too busy to speak to you personally at UFS Chemist.

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UFS Medication Packing Service

Medication Packing Service

Multiple medications can be very confusing to successfully manage; it is very important to take the right medication at the right time and not miss or take extra  medication accidentally. Maybe you also have the responsibility of managing the medications of a family member as well as your own. Many hospital admissions are related to…

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Prescription Reminder Service

At UFS Chemist we operate the Medadvisor system which allows clients to manage their prescriptions and order medications online, via smartphone or PC. Prescriptions can be ordered and be ready to collect as soon as you arrive at the pharmacy. Speak to us in-store for more information or an activation code to get started.

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UFS influenza vaccination

Influenza Vaccination

Influenza (or “flu” as it is commonly called) is a highly contagious viral disease. The best protection we currently have is an annual influenza vaccination (“flu shot”). The vaccine is updated each year and usually contains four different strains. Influenza can be very serious and even fatal to certain high risk groups in the community…

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UFS blood glucose screening

Blood Glucose Screening

This is also known as a blood sugar test. Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia and an estimated half a million people are undiagnosed. People that are significantly overweight, have a family history of diabetes or do not get at least thirty minutes of exercise daily have greater risk than average, and…

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UFS sport injury management

Sports Injury Management

Exercise is so important for optimal health but sometimes we need a little help with injuries to get back into the game. Analgesics, anti-inflammatory medicines and joint support supplements are all useful treatments or maybe a support device or strapping may be necessary. UFS Chemist can assist with advice for treating and supporting exercise related…

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