UFS Mount Gambier escript


Do you lose your prescriptions? With eScripts the prescriptions are sent from your GP to your phone or email so you can access them at any time. Tokens are used so that the eScript cannot be used more than once. Using MedAdvisor makes it easy to keep your eScripts in one place.

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UFS Asthma - Respiratory Management

Asthma/Respiratory Management

Asthma is one of the most common chronic conditions and affects people of all ages. The treatment goal for most patients is to be symptom free but unfortunately many are not as well controlled as they could be. This may be due to poor inhaler technique, smoking, underuse of preventative medication or maybe environmental factors…

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UFS National Diabetes Service Scheme NDSS


UFS Chemist is an agent for the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS) and supplies subsidised diabetes consumables to members of the program.

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UFS Pain Management

Pain Management

Pain management can be a difficult process sometimes requiring several different treatment strategies for a reasonable outcome. This may include the use of oral medications, TENS therapy, ultrasound, topical treatments or mechanical supports. A UFS Pharmacist can offer advice on the correct treatment of all types of pain in consultation – call in to speak…

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UFS Compression Hosiery

Compression Hosiery

UFS Chemist stocks an extensive range of Venosan and Jobst compression socks/hosiery. These products have applications including blood clot prevention for travellers and management of chronic wounds due to poor circulation. Products can be individually manufactured to your specific requirements. Consult with our in store nurse for more information. Appointment required Tues to Thurs only.…

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UFS Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates

UFS Chemist offers  a medical certificate issue service for personal  leave due to minor illness, such as cold and flu or gastroenteritis. Certificates can be issued for medical conditions of no longer than two days, cannot be issued retrospectively and a service charge applies.

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UFS Weight Management

Weight Management

Obesity is a chronic health condition affecting many Australians and increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnoea and osteoarthritis. There are many treatments and diets promoted, not all of them effective and some may have even have serious long term consequences. Unfortunately we live in a world where obesity is easily achievable …

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UFS Wound Care Service

Wound Care Service

Cuts, grazes and abrasions can be treated relatively easily in a first aid situation but what needs to be considered when treating more chronic wounds? Age, nutritional status, other medical issues such as diabetes, circulation; these all need to be factored in. Speak to our nurse consultant for guidance including lifestyle advice, circulation support and…

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UFS Complementary Medicines Advice

Complementary Medicines Advice

Mother  Nature has provided us with some excellent natural medicines but these medicines still need to be used appropriately. Natural does not always mean completely safe and in fact some of the most dangerous substances discovered are of natural origin. Some natural medicines interact with common prescription items and may not be used in some…

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UFS Return Expired Medication

Return Of Expired Medication

Expired or unused medication is useless at best and dangerous at worst. Many households have medicine cabinets stocked with a mixture of current, old and often very expired medications. All such unused medicines should be returned to the pharmacy as soon as possible for safe disposal. UFS Chemist offers a medication return and disposal service…

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